Hearing God’s Voice

1 John 4:7-21

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 9 In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him. 10 In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 12 No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.

13 By this we know that we abide in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit. 14 And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. 15 Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God. 16 So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. 17 By this is love perfected with us, so that we may have confidence for the day of judgment, because as he is so also are we in this world. 18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. 19 We love because he first loved us. 20 If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot[a] love God whom he has not seen. 21 And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.


How to hear God’s Voice.

Because the Bible states that God is love, we must acknowledge that the true source of the love is not endorphins or positive thinking or your brain – these are just reflections of the spiritual reality of love. Love isn’t from a cosmic ‘force’ either. Love “is” a person – this ‘person’ is God. The first step to hearing Gods voice is to acknowledge this fact while simultaneously experiencing love. This is the only way for you to know what ‘direction’ to listen to when you want to hear from God.

Please note: if you actually seek to hear from God, you will need patience. It can sometimes take time depending on who you are. Meditation is not easy for most people, but have faith that you will get results, and you will get what you ask for!

STEP 1 – Inspiring Love

John states: “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

So the first goal in learning to hear God’s voice is to experience love.

To do this we must first inspire love in ourselves. This could mean thinking of things like your loved ones hugging you, or even a cute puppy. The exact way you inspire love doesn’t matter, as long as it is pure and helps you focus on the feeling of love.

STEP 2 – Focusing on Love

Once you can feel love welling up inside you, stop thinking of the thoughts that helped you to feel love, and start focusing on love itself. Focus on how it feels; the warmth, the gentleness… Do this until love becomes very intense within you, like a burning flame.

STEP 3 – Acknowledging Love is God.

While meditating on love, try to realize that the love you feel is actually God. Once you get the revelation that love is a person – who is God – you can now start loving God. This is basically ‘loving love’ – but not in the sense that love is a feeling, but more in the sense that you are loving the person of God who ‘is’ love.

This experience is what many Christians call “soaking”. It is like drinking and eating God’s love for you, and is probably the most important aspect of Christian life.

STEP 4 – Listening to God

Now that you know “where” god is inside you, you can ask God something simple like “what do you think of me”, and you will get a response. It will not be a booming voice, but it will be instantaneous knowledge from love. Often the best thing to do when listening to God is not to ask God what you want to know, but to ask God what he wants to say to you. This will always affect you in a more positive way, as he knows what you need better than you know yourself. It does require faith to accept what comes from your heart, but over time you will grow in it.



When starting out, you may be fallible in being confused as to what is and isn’t God speaking. Sometimes it may actually be demons in disguise as an angel of light, and sometimes it is your own desires. If he asks you to do something that is uncomfortable but benefits you, then it’s probably him. If, over time, he never asks you to do anything uncomfortable, then its definitely not God! God wants you to grow, and will challenge you. But if he asks you to do something that will hurt yourself, then it’s definitely not him. The easiest way to check this is to see whether or not it matches scripture. You can also check if it’s from God by asking for a confirmation.

Romantic Love Confusion

One of the easiest ways demons can disguise themselves is by high jacking romantic love. Our romantic desires for other humans can easily be confused for the love of God, when they are totally different. When dealing with romance, it is best to ask other unbiased & trustworthy people to hear from God in your place. Another thing to note is that God often says things that are uncomfortable, but in a way that will benefit you.

Criticism of Emergentism

Emergentism is the philosophical position which states that the mind emerges out of the complexity of the material brain.
Emergentism is becoming increasingly popular in modern society, especially among atheists and university sophomores. Many people put their faith in it because they think it makes logical sense, but when put under careful scrutiny, it actually fails to survive as theory.

This lack of understanding is caused by people thinking that the the multiple meanings of the term “emergent property” are all the same meaning.

The Emergent Philosophy argument goes something like this.

  1. A car is more than the sum of its parts. Together the parts drive, but separately they cant do anything.
  2. ‘Wetness” is an emergent property of millions of H20 Molecules grouped together.
  3. “Consciousness” is an emergent property of complex patterns of neurons in the brain.


The most common understanding of the term “Emergent Property” is to say that something “is more than the sum of its parts“.

There are two meanings to the phrase “more than the sum of its parts“, and using it when speaking about emergence philosophy is different to the concept of ‘synergy‘.

The phrase “More than the sum of its parts“, when regarding synergy, is more of a layman’s way of saying “A complex system of parts can produce different outcomes than the same number of separate individual parts.

This does not mean that an additional ‘thing‘ emerges when parts are assembled in the absolute world.

The phrase “More than the sum of its parts“, when regarding Emergentism, literally means that a real world ‘thing‘ (consciousness) pops into existence when parts are assembled in the correct way.

Its like saying 2+2 can = 5

The core of emergentism is to assume that that the existence of an additional property must be caused by the system it appears to reside upon, even if we cannot find the cause of the property within the system.

Emergentism assumes that the existance of the property ‘consciousness’ must be caused by the system of neurons it appears to reside upon, even though nobody can find the cause of consciousness within the system of neurons.

For the sake of making things simple, lets replace the human brain with the example of a wall, and replace consciousness with a projected image on the wall. And lets hide the projector (the true cause of consciousness) from the scientists analysing the wall.


An emergentist philosopher analysing the wall under these conditions would assume that the wall is creating the projected image. He cannot find the cause of the projected image in the wall, but he proceeds to assume that the wall causes the image, because he knows that the wall is correlated with the image, and the image resides on the wall. He then invents the theory of emergentism and convinces a generation that this theory is perfectly logical.

But the true logical approach would be to assume that a property is probably not caused by a system if we cannot find its cause within the system.

So why do people so easily believe in emergence?

A good explanation as to why people have this concept of emergence, is that our perception of reality changes when our mind recognizes complex patterns.
We see “patterns emerging” out of complexity because we reach a cognitive threshold for discriminating the complexity of a system.

For example, lets analyse the inital argument.

  • A car is more than the sum of its parts. Together the parts drive, but separately they cant do anything. 

The subjective perception of the emergence of the ‘car’ only happens once the individual person recognizes the pattern of a car.

When we notice the pattern emerge, it appears as if a property is produced that was not there before. However, all the properties are already in existence; we simply may not be aware of some of these properties until a certain cognitive threshold is reached.

If there is a gunfight between two people, we discriminate it differently than if we were to percieve millions of gunfighting people. When the amount of people fighting reaches a certain cognitive threshold, one could perceive “War” to be an emergent property. But in reality, ‘War‘ didn’t pop into existance. Only our perception of reality has changed.

Emergent Philosophers say:

“Wetness” is an emergent property of millions of H20 Molecules grouped together.

In reality:

“Wetness” is the sensation of billions of liquid molecules that is only experienced when an individual reaches the cognitive threshold to experience the liquid. The physical world doesnt produce the property of wetness; your mind does.

Emergent Philosophers conclude:

  • “Consciousness” is an emergent property of complex patterns of neurons in the brain.

In reality:

All examples of emergence used to support emergentism fall under the catagory of subjective experience, and are not examples of something emerging in the real world.

Consciousness exists in the real world. 

Therefore, there are no logically valid examples of emergence that can support the idea that consciousness emerges from complex patterns of neurons.

If a hypothesis cannot be tested by experiment, then it should be trialed by logic.
If it fails to be logically coherent within the realm of though-experiment, then it should be discarded as a false theory.

Emergentism cannot be scientifically tested, and nobody can provide a logically coherent example of it.

It is more rational to assume that we have not yet found the cause of consciousness, and perhaps never will find the cause, rather than assume that a system which does not appear to cause it, causes it.

Spirituality vs Religion

The Definition of Spirituality

Spirituality is often considered to be religious, but many people who are ‘spiritual’ do not consider themselves to be religious at all.

The laymans understanding of the word ‘spiritual’ is that which describes things like like morality, God, Angels & the universe; However, the correct definition according to Google is:

“Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

Not many people in this world can admit that they have experienced anything spiritual, so for the purposes of explaining spirituality, I will first use an example of something spiritual that everyone experiences.


Consciousness is spiritual rather than material because it exists in the real world, yet it is not a physical thing. You cannot measure or observe consciousness. Scientists and Philosophers have tried to explain consciousness without spirituality for centuries, but this task is so impossibly difficult that there is actually name for it: “The hard problem of consciousness”.

The reason why consciousness is impossible to explain without invoking spirituality, is the same reason why it would be impossible for a person living in a 2-Dimensional reality to understand what a 3-D sphere is as it passes through the 2-D World.

The following image shows how the sphere appears to be a growing and shrinking circle in 2 dimensions, as it moves vertically in 3 dimensions.

A 3D Sphere would look like a growing and shrinking Circle if it passed through a 2D worldIn reality, it isn’t a growing and shrinking circle; It is a sphere.

From the perspective of the 2-D being, it appears to break the 2-D laws of physics.

Because of the impossibility of explaining spiritual occurrences in our own dimension, spirituality will always be rejected by the scientific establishment. However, most scientists now agree that extra dimensions are necessary to explain some phenomena seen in quantum physics.

This inevitable acceptance of higher dimensions by the scientific community has been expected from spiritual people for a long time, as it only confirms what we already experience.

Beyond the concept of consciousness, you can find countless documented miracles that confirm the fact that there are more dimensions to reality than the few that you perceive.  If you would like to see documented evidence of miracles that friends from my church have recorded, please click here

Spirituality & Religion

Now that “Spirituality” has been defined, it might become startlingly obvious as to why spirituality and religion are not the same thing.

A spiritual person is someone who has experienced, and/or continues to experience phenomena that can only be explained by invoking additional dimensions of reality.

A religious person is someone that subscribes to a worldview that defines the nature of spiritual things; but does not necessarily involve experiencing spiritual things nor tells you how to experience spiritual things.

Religion is a collective belief that is strictly defined, and describes the nature of God, where we came from, where we are going, and what we should do with out lives. Most religious people have never experienced anything truly spiritual.

A Spiritual person is much more individualistic. They base their understanding of God on their personal experiences, not solely from a book. A Spiritual person may be religious, as they may find a certain religion aligns with their spiritual experiences, but the interpretation of religion to a spiritual person is completely subjective and is founded on experience rather than the opinions of others.

Now, the following part is for those who haven not experienced anything spiritual in their religious walk. For those who have, and continue to experienced spiritual things, please skip this part.

Also, if you do not like to be intellectually challenged or take offense easily, then please stop reading now. Because the statements and questions posted here may be very confronting, but are necessary questions to ask if you ever plan on experiencing the spiritual dimension and actualizing the life that God has planned for you.



So you haven’t had a supernatural occurrence! What a shame! Well, if any of what I have written is correct, there is one way to prove it to you. I already know things about your life by simply knowing that you aren’t spiritual.

1.) You don’t spend much time focusing on God each day.

2.) You feel more love when you are with your partner or family or pet than when you are in prayer or meditation.

3.) Your religion is a part of your life, rather than your number one priority in life.

If you believe in a religion, and you think you have found the truth within this religion, are you living a life that truly represents what you believe in? Consider the following quote from Jesus:

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Jesus healed the sick and performed many miracles, and was also able to directly communicate with God. If you are a Christian, have you done any of these things?

If you are a Christian and have not yet experienced anything supernatural, either you don’t truly believe in Jesus and aren’t seeking what he is offering, or Christianity is false.

I’m not saying this because I believe Christianity is false, as I am personally a Christian, but I am saying this because I believe that anyone who has not experienced the supernatural is simply not interested in it because they don’t believe anything supernatural will happen to them.

Your beliefs manifest in your life!

Truly ask yourself, “What type of belief does my life represent?

Does it represent a person who would follow God anywhere he asked you to go? What if God asked you to spend time with him instead of watch Television or engage in other forms of distracting entertainment? Would you do that?

What if your father or mother or wife or husband or son or daughter asked you to spend time with them? You would probably do this if you loved them.

Jesus said: “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

Now, I’m not saying that you are supposed to give up all the fun things in life in order to partake in working for God, because I believe that a life guided by God’s love is more enjoyable than a life without him.

I am simply stating that the roots of a tree create the fruit of the tree. If the roots of your life is true love for God (or passionate desire to discover spirituality), then you will find more satisfaction in spending time doing this than spending time in materialistic entertainment. And through spending time with God, spirituality will manifest itself in your fruit.

If you currently prefer to spend time being entertained than spending time seeking the truth, it’s probably because you currently don’t believe that God provides more pleasure than worldly entertainment, or that the truth is in your grasp.

Relax for a second. That’s ok.

God doesn’t hate you or judge you for this, and neither do I, precisely because I used to be in the same boat. Am I saying you are not in a relationship with God? Certainly not. But I am telling you to stop kidding yourself if you think that a life without experiencing spirituality is worth living.

If you choose to completely chase after God, he will lead you to spiritual streams of water that will change your entire life in ways you cannot even imagine. If you truly chase after the supernatural gifts God has promised, you will get to the point where you literally cannot talk about any topic other than God because you can feel God’s tangible presence every second of every day. Todd White is a perfect example of what you will become if you choose this path.

Now at this point you are probably asking yourself:

“How can I possibly love God more than my family if God is invisible and never talks to me?”
“How do I become a person that wants God more than I currently want him?”

The answer to this question is very simple. Who is God? The Bible says:

God is Love. God is the Way the Truth and the Life.

These are not metaphors; they are literal.

Love is within your consciousness. Life is consciousness. Truth is what our consciousness seeks and he is the way to attain truth.

God is spiritual, so if you are looking for him you must first look in the only spiritual place you may currently be are aware of;


Love can be found within your consciousness, because you are the gateway to God. Consciousness can be thought of as being “I am”, and when asked what God calls himself, he replied “I am who I am”. Because of the way God created this universe, he has given us full access to him through our consciousness.
God is everywhere; we live and move within his being; and yet he is inside us. The purpose of life is to love everyone and everything. The more you grow in love, the more you will grow in relationship with God, and sooner or later you will learn the language of your father, and be able to hear his voice.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me”

The more you meditate on Love, spiritual things will start to manifest in your life. Heaven will open up to you, and you may finally realize that eternal life starts now, not after death like religion would have you believe. Eternal life is to know your father.

Are you one of God’s sheep? Do you know your father? Can you truly perceive God at this very moment?

If your honest answer to this is no, then please don’t feel guilty. Guilt is an enemy that will only hold you back from God for it makes you believe the lie that the past is who you are. The past is gone. It is dead and is constantly dying. Who you are is in the present, and the present is all that matters.

The reason God forgives everyone on earth is because we all have not known our father at least one point in life, and our purpose in life is to make the journey back to him.

If you currently don’t truly know God in a spiritual way, you now have the opportunity to start a new journey of wonder and discovery. It all starts with the decision to start looking; to start meditating on love and asking him to reveal himself to you. Meditation is the gateway to knowing God.

—End of this part—


Religious Baptism vs Spiritual Baptism

Now that the tough stuff has been dealt with, lets tackle the most corrupt distortion of spirituality the world has ever encountered.


Jesus Said: “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

John the Baptist said: I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

Religious Baptism

The “Religion” of Christianity tells us that Baptism in water is the ritual that must be done to receive the Holy Spirit, and this ritual is widely practiced today. The nature of the ritual involves being pushed underwater and rising again, in order to symbolize the death and rebirth of our spirit with Jesus Christ. Many religious Christians do this sometime after they are saved as a way of symbolizing their commitment to Christ.

This may sound nice to you, but there is actually a destructive corruption of Baptism within this world, especially in Western Society. The first problem is that many people believe that baptism is separate from the event of salvation. This idea is made up and is not biblical or spiritual. The Bible tells us that baptism is necessary to be in relationship with God. This means that baptism IS salvation, not a separate ritual you do after salvation. When this fact is realized, it should become clear that receiving the Holy Spirit and being born again are the same thing.

“Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

However, the bigger issue here is to do with the very nature of baptism/salvation.

In Religion, ‘the sinners prayer’ is all that is required of a person to become born again. This is completely false, because it is what comes out of a person’s heart (consciousness), not their mouth, that allows them to be born again.

This means that many people who have said the sinners prayer are actually not in a relationship with God and have not received the holy spirit. The same goes for those who have been baptized with water.

 The Bible shows us through example, what it is like to experience a rebirth in spirit, without the need of a water ritual.

The Book of Acts: “When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.”

If the Holy Spirit is God, then it should be completely normal for you to experience something supernatural when you are baptized and/or born again. If no supernatural events occur during the baptism, then it is probably safe to say that your heart (consciousness) was not in the right place.

If this is so, then it is probably because, like many, you have misunderstood the nature of baptism & rebirth, and are selfishly seeking something from God instead of realizing that baptism is about selflessly sacrificing your life to God, not receiving a ticket to heaven.

Being born in the spirit should clearly involve a spiritual experience, because that is precisely what is written in the New Testament. Unfortunately Western Christianity has greatly lost its connection with understanding our own consciousness, and thus has resulted in the misunderstanding that many people have received the Holy Spirit when in fact they have not. The devastating effect this has on the world is that there are millions of people who label themselves Christians who are not living a life that represents Christ, and this makes the rest of the world repulsed by Christianity.

Spiritual Baptism
In Contrast, spiritual baptism is where people change their priorities within their heart to focus purely on God. It is an act of selfless giving that allows God to become one with you. The moment when you completely surrender every part of your life to God is the moment when baptism takes place.

I have personally experienced 2 baptisms in my life; One was a religious baptism, and the other was a spiritual baptism.

The Religious baptism took place in my pool. At the time, I was completely unaware of what was actually required if I were to undertake a ‘spiritual’ baptism, so when this ritual took place I felt more or less the same. I never asked anyone if I was meant to feel different, because I never saw anyone else get baptized in water who behaved differently or demonstrated any change in spirit. When my religious baptism took place, I was focused on Jesus’ sacrifice, but this was an intellectual experience which provoked emotions; it was not a spiritual experience.

The second time I got baptized was approximately 7 months ago. I did not get baptized in water, but I was baptized in spirit the first time I went to a place called Glory City Church. It was at a time when I had put God at the center of my life because I had sacrificed the thing I loved most to him. At the time this happened, my consciousness was in deep love meditation towards him, and I sought nothing more than his forgiveness. The best description I can come up with for the event is a “suicide sacrifice”. My heart was so hungry for love that I didn’t want my life anymore.

My heart was saying “Take it. I don’t want it anymore. Do what you want with me”.

I was overwhelmed with the conscious realization of God’s presence. It was not something that I could see or externally touch, but it was a knowing beyond words, and it was excruciatingly painful, for I was a selfish sinner and all I had done my entire life was rebel against God.

And yet here he was; the alpha and omega; perfection itself, and all I could do is try and run away because I couldn’t help but compare him to myself. I was hit with the brute fact that I was an unbeliever all my life, despite calling myself one, and now that I knew it was all true I could not run away, because his presence is omnipresent, and for the first 20 seconds I was screaming and crying on the ground. My body was racked with guilt and shame beyond words. Waves of love burned through me like fire, and after 20 seconds of pain, my ego was completely destroyed.

All I could feel was bliss. God’s perfect love destroyed the darkness in my life and I finally realized what it meant to be ‘born in the spirit’. Ever since this event took place, I have had unlimited access to the same love that I experienced that night; whenever I want, wherever I want. I quit drugs and alcohol, along with all the other sinful things in my life, not because I thought they were wrong, but because I now have access to something far more pleasurable. This love is spiritual. It cannot be explained or measured. There is no theory describing this love. It is multi-dimensional, and it is something that Religion has never provide.

If you think my experience was ‘special’ and most people have true baptisms without needing anything like this, I would strongly disagree; simply because it matches what the Bible says when the disciples of Christ received the Holy Spirit.

When the twelve apostles received the holy spirit, they had been waiting in meditation for a long time before receiving him, and they were given it together without the need for water baptism. Their behavior changed so much that some of the villagers thought they were drunk. The word ‘spirit’ is in the “Holy Spirit” precisely because the Holy Spirit is spiritual, and is not limited to this dimension. So if you claim to have the Holy Spirit within you, you should probably have had a spiritual experience when you received him. Clearly, many people who have been water baptized are lacking a spiritual experience, and therefore have probably not received the Holy Spirit, despite claiming to have received him.

So the question is why?

Because of the nature of religion, many people have deluded themselves into thinking that if they spend a Sunday morning in Church they will get a ticket to heaven. Most religious people spend more time listening to other people teach about religion than they do practicing the core of their religion; Love.

When I belonged to a Christian school, my father who was a Christian studies teacher once asked a class full of 30 Christians how many times they pray each day. Only two people out of thirty pray more than 5 times a day.

Even if they pray 20 times a day, this would probably account for 10-15 minutes their time. If a person loves their wife, do they spend 20 minutes acknowledging their presence each day? Of course not! And yet Jesus said that we must love him more than our family.

So the obvious problem here is that religion (specifically, Western Christianity) has caused people to become “lukewarm“.

An atheist could do the ritual of water baptism and nothing would happen; precisely because he did value God above all other things in his life. If somebody who claims to be a Christian is baptized and does not experience anything supernatural, then they have not put him as their number one priority in life. When I was baptized the first time, I spent more time on the toilet each day than I did spending time with God, and I didn’t actually love him. I didn’t even know God, and I didn’t believe that spending time reading the bible would help me know God because it never had in the past. I knew ‘of’ God but I didn’t ‘know’ God. The knowing ‘of’ but not ‘knowing’ is what I find the majority of Christians believing these days. It is what Jesus described as ‘Luke Warm” faith. “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, ‘I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing’, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see. …” I didn’t previously want to spend time with God because I thought prayer was boring. I thought reading the bible was boring. I thought going to Church was boring. I though talking about Christianity was boring. But never admitted this to God, because I was completely unaware as to who God actually was, and 99% of my life I spent ignoring the fact that he is always here, always listening to my thoughts. I was spiritually dead. I was a Christian atheist. I could have met God in less than a day If I spent time in meditation and prayer, but I never did this precisely because I was unaware as to how spiritually depraved I was. I thought I was prospering, and I needed nothing. I didn’t think I was spiritually wretched, pitiable, poor blind and naked, because I was comparing myself to other Christians, and in comparison I thought I was doing pretty well. I knew a lot about the Bible, Jesus, and the religion of Christianity because I spent all my religious time soaking intellectual things instead of spending time with God. And this is precisely what is wrong with Religion, and why it is different from spirituality. Religion is an obligation, and mostly stems from family tradition. Religion is all about intellect, and does not change the heart. Religion is all about theology and doctrine, works and morality, trying to be good instead of spending time with God outside of church and letting him change you from the inside out. Spirituality is about relationship. Not the type of relationship where you spend 10-20 minutes a day, selfishly asking God to do things for you, but a relationship that involved more love than every human being in your life combined. Spirituality is about giving to God, where religion is about taking from him. Spirituality completely changes a person overnight, because it involves a complete rebirth of consciousness. A spiritual rebirth feels like a complete reconstruction of your entire universe and everything you knew about God and humanity. A Religious rebirth is simply a change in ideology. It may help people, and make them feel more secure about death, but it is simply like building your house on sand. Because when the hard wind hits, the house will easily fall down. It is impossible for a non-spiritual, religious person to have the same faith as a spiritual person. If you have felt the multi-dimensional infinite love of God by receiving him (through baptism of the spirit), when disaster strikes you can easily stand firm on the rock because your love does not come from external forces, but comes from God who is omnipresent. Last week I met Keith Mitzel, a good friend of Todd White. Keith is a truly spiritual person, who has seen thousands of people supernaturally healed and gets his love and support purely from God. This is the video he took the day he woke up in hospital after being in a car crash which his son had died in.

As you can see, he is not broken, because he knows that his son is in a better place. His consciousness is so full of love that he literally cannot mourn like normal humans do because he is experiencing spiritual love on a constant basis. Keith told me that in the 2 weeks he remained in hospital, he preached the gospel and many miraculous healings took place. Religion cannot provide the kind of strength that Keith has; only spirituality can do that. Only a connection to infinite love can do that, and religion on its own does not provide any love at all. A Doctrine cannot love you. Only God himself can love you, and this love is 100% tangible if your consciousness is in the right place.

So in summary, what are the differences between Spirituality and Religion?

There are many religions; there is one spirituality.

Religion is about what ‘to do’; Spirituality is about what ‘to be’

Religion divides based on ideology; Spirituality is a united, love-based, ecology

Religion is about doing things ‘for’ God; Religion is about doing things ‘from’ God.

Religion involves the practice of ritual; Spirituality involves the practice of meditation

Religion is about learning from others; Spirituality is about discovering truth by looking inwards

Religion requires you to have faith without telling you how; Experiencing spirituality is how you have faith

Religion is for people who want security after death; Spirituality is for those who want to the truth, regardless what it is.

Religion is for those that require guidance from others; Spirituality is for those who listen and follow the inner voice

Religion focuses on working away sin by practicing discipline; Spirituality understands sin is dead and focuses on loving God.

Religion inquires about paradoxes in the Bible; Spirituality doesn’t need to explain paradoxes, because Spirituality IS a paradox

Religion is about trying to get love; Spirituality is about focusing on the fact that you already have infinite love

Religion is more about the past and future; Spirituality is all about the present

Religion is about waiting for heaven; Spirituality is about manifesting heaven on earth

Religion feeds the ego; Spirituality kills the ego

Religion is what the Pharisee’s practiced; Spirituality is what Jesus manifested.

Religious People may be offended; Spirituality casts out all fear and provides infinite Self worth

Clearly spirituality beats religion by a long shot. So if you are currently religious and would rather be spiritual, I would highly recommend you start practicing meditation. Personally, deep meditation was the first spiritual experience I ever had. Meditation altered my consciousness to be more loving, which in turn prepared me for my spiritual baptism. Meditation will alter your consciousness to be more loving and empathetic, and will make you more aware of God.

As a concluding note, I in no way wish to offended anyone through this blog, but if you are offended and/or disagree with what I have said then perhaps you are not as confident in your beliefs as you wish you could be, and maybe the offense or disagreement you have is a sign that you do not have a rock-hard faith, and that you should seek to find one. For those who agree with what I have said, but have not had a spiritual experience, I would be delighted to chat with you in order to help you find this priceless pearl. It really makes my heart warm knowing that I am helping someone who

Are Drugs Evil?


Before reading this, I must stress that what I am about to say might sound confrontational. Even if you believe that drugs are good or evil, the things I am about to say might challenge your understanding of morality and the way we view drug users.

My Experience

As a Christian who has taken LSD, you might be surprised to hear that I had an indescribable experience that changed my life in a positive way. You might also be surprised to hear that I believe that LSD, magic mushrooms and weed do not melt your brain and leave you as a bumbling idiot. I understand that some people with a history in mental illness might be triggered by psychedelic drugs, but for normal people, it is not physically harmful.

Psychedelic drugs allow you to open your mind and explore it in a way that can only be bested by one thing; God himself. If I were to live a life without God, taking psychedelic drugs would literally be the next best thing; because it allowed me to see the world through eyes that have never seen it before.

I have never met an atheist who has taken LSD or magic mushrooms, and stayed an atheist. LSD is like forcing yourself to witness a miracle for 12 hours without a break, and this experience is so profound that it has been scientifically proven to permanently change your personality and worldview. What is this miracle you are witnessing when you take LSD? Life: through the eyes of your spirit.

Before taking LSD I had researched the effects of it so I understood the risks quite well. The reason I took it was because I wanted to experience something spiritual. Despite being raised in a Christian family, my life was not spiritually fulfilling and I wanted to learn more about reality. All the stories I had read online sounded amazing, but they were nothing quite like the experience itself.

LSD expands your consciousness. This means that it allows your brain to process information at a higher level, and gives your soul more options of free will. When I took LSD, my ability to completely control my emotions was handed to me, along with more understanding and wisdom than the past 3 years of my life. I was able to see my life through completely untainted eyes, which allowed me to see both the positive and negative aspects of myself. It was very confronting, because I saw how much of an arrogant, selfish person I was; but I was also able to change this, and become a better person.

When I took LSD, I was also given the complete awareness that God was with me. During the experience, my level of love was lifted beyond normal capacity. But this awareness of his presence wore off after the drug trip had ended.

Many people (mostly Christians) say they know that God is everywhere, but this is not something to be known; it is something to be experienced. If one simply ‘knows’ that God is there, but does not consciously acknowledge his all-pervasive presence, one is simply inventing a symbol of God and using it to explain things, instead of leaving behind this symbol and embracing God himself.

If you don’t understand what I mean, imagine me writing down on a piece of paper, the words “a million dollars”. You understand the knowledge of the “million dollars” but there is a big difference between knowing about the million dollars and actually having the cash in your hand.

When under the influence of LSD, I could not ignore God. God was not a symbol to me, God was REAL. My whole life I had been viewing God as a symbol up until this point. This is one of the reasons why many people claim LSD should be taken for spiritual purposes. However, even after taking LSD I do not claim it should be taken under any circumstances, but I will explain why in a minute.

For now, I will explain the effects that LSD had upon me when I took it many years ago.

The visual effect of the drug was extremely inspiring as an artist. A good way of expressing how LSD changed my visual perception of the world is to imagine your current vision resolution like a computer screen. LSD can quadruple the size of the computer screen; it enhances your ability to take in visual information like some sort of steroid.

LSD also intensifies your ability to perceive patterns. I was able to see fractal patterns everywhere; both hallucinogenic and real. Every image I looked at was holographic and animated. I spent hours looking at space images online, because they were three dimensional. During my experience I was in constant communication with God, and was praising him as to the incredibly beautiful creation I was a part of.

I have also smoked weed. Weed was the first drug I had ever tried, and was amazing at first because it inspired my creativity and allowed me to view my three dimensional mind like a projector. I could see the Drawing I was about to create before I drew it. Music sounded better, food tasted better, and it overall just made me happy.

Drugs – The Positive & Negatives

Now that I’ve explained my experiences of the three main psychedelic drugs, I will list a summary of the positive and negative effects it has had on me.


  • Expanded my consciousness in 12 hours to comparative to a few years of meditation
  • Allowed me to correct the faults in my Character
  • Given me knowledge that the supernatural is real, and exists in the mental realm
  • Provided me with Artistic Inspiration
  • Made my life interesting and fun


  • Created an addiction to Weed
  • Created a reliance on Drugs for Spiritual learning
  • Given me a taste of cosmic knowledge; enough to make me want more, but never giving more
  • Tricked me into thinking that Drugs were the pathway to the answers of the universe
  • Created an Irresponsible attitude towards my own safety
  • Created an addiction to Synthetic weed (when I ran out of real weed)
  • Created a careless attitude towards the future (live for the now, etc…)
  • Filled my life with guilt, as my family disagreed with my choices
  • Made me depressed and extremely bored when I ran out of drugs

During the time of my life that I was taking drugs, I personally felt that the positive effects far outweighed the negative, but this was only because I was mostly unaware of the negative effects at the time. I knew that they were there but did not want to admit them or confront them; lest they tear me away from the fun I was having.

The only way one can truly know the negative effects of the best thing in their life is to find a better thing and compare the two.

So are Drugs Evil?

I am no longer Pro-drugs; not because drugs are pure evil. The evil of drugs come from the fact that they are a distortion of something far greater and better; God.

Drugs have an element of truth that can lead a person to God, so I understand why they exist. They are not simply on earth to lead people astray from the truth. If a person seeks the truth, and they take psychedelics, they will eventually find it. But if a person is happy with what they already know and does not wish to peruse truth until the day they die, they will probably stay with drugs.

Some people don’t learn a single thing while on LSD, and this is only because of their personal choices, not because of the drug. LSD is not like a roller coaster. It is like a car. You drive it where you want to go, and it will help you get there faster. I do not condone it, but I cannot condemn it because I know what it was like when I knew little and wanted to know more. I have been there, and done that, and I can honestly say that for some people this step is necessary. I believe it was for me. All I can say is, If you are willing to sacrifice your current life in order to know the truth immediately, you can skip the step of taking drugs, and go straight to the most intense experience of truth in existence; truth himself.

Drugs vs GOD

When I had my first experience of God, I can honestly say that it was more intense than all the drugs I had ever taken in my life, combined. It was traumatizing and cannot be put into words. The experience had two stages:

1.) Stage One – The acknowledgement of who I was.

This stage caused bone shaking guilt and suffering, because I was face to face with eternal love, eternal goodness, infinite purity, infinite knowledge, the alpha and omega, and I was so ashamed I was face down on the floor screaming. This perfect being had done everything for me. He created me, and all I had done my entire life was ignore him, and treat him like he wasn’t there. There was no excuse; I could not hide behind anything; all I could do was judge myself and condemn myself to hell. I saw myself as a traitor to all goodness. A worthless maggot who could not have the common decency to give the time of day to the greatest being that ever was. This stage lasted about 20 seconds. I was screaming and crying until the second stage hit me.

2.) Stage Two -The acknowledgement of who I was.

This is not a typing error, and the two stages are as different to each other as black is from white, although they have the same title. The reason they are the same is because, when confronted with the brute fact of God, one literally cannot stop their consciousness from changing. When a person’s consciousness changes, they see from a different perspective. A shift in consciousness is similar to an optical illusion; but instead of being a simple visual change in perception, it changed literally every part of my experience as a living being.Optical Illusion

God’s love was so intense that it burned out any notion of sin and only left me with uncontrollable laughter. Instead of seeing the disgusting things (sin) I had done, I was now able to see the truth about myself; that I was a child of God. I am made in the image of God, an through Love, he touched me. I laughed because I was finally free from myself. I was the one causing me pain. I was the one judging myself like a worthless maggot; God did not judge me. He loved me and did not give me a shred of condemnation. I laughed so hard because God had set me free from myself. I no longer had to be ashamed because I experienced how much God loved me. When you love someone, the last thing you want that person to do is to hide from you because they think they are unworthy. And because I couldn’t hide, all I could do was the one thing God wanted me to do; accept his love.

When the guilt and shame broke, it was like breaking a dam wall, unleashing a torrent of pure bliss that penetrated every part of my being. I felt more pleasure in this experience than any drug I had ever taken. In comparison to quadrupling my visual resolution during LSD, this experience was like multiplying my consciousness by a million times. I felt infinite and eternal. I could no longer feel my physical body and was in a state of pure bliss. Time had no meaning. I was injected with so much spiritual truth that I am still struggling to recall all that I know; which I why I created this website – so that I can record the information trapped within me and make sense of my experiences. When I finally opened my eyes, about 20 minutes had passed. What I experienced inside me was a complete rebirth. Not just an intellectual rebirth, like LSD, but a rebirth from within; A rebirth of the heart. Previously I listed the pros and cons of my experience with Drugs, and I will now do that with my experience and relationship of GodFractal Example

  • Expanded my consciousness thousands of times more intense than the drugs I had previously taken
  • Forced me to correct every fault in my Character
  • Given me the permanent knowledge that I exist within the spiritual realm
  • Given me the highest title a human could hold; son of God.
  • Permanently changed my consciousness to perceive the world like I am tripping on drugs 24/7
  • Changed my visual perception so that I now see fractals everywhere all the time (A fractal example can be seen to the right)
  • Given me more freedom than I knew was possible
  • Given me a constant knowledge that God is present
  • Given me the ability to intensify my experience of God whenever I wish
  • Given me supernatural gifts of healing
  • Given mental images of future events
  • Healed my misaligned spinal chord
  • Given me hope for the future
  • Given me a greater Understanding of reality and God than I ever could have learned from Drugs


If God does not exist, then I would still be taking drugs. Why? Because drugs are more fulfilling than a life without them; and once you have a taste of ‘the other’, you can’t go back to the normal life.

I personally would not label all Drugs as evil; for many of you reading this right now probably drink alcohol and/ or coffee. Most of you have been drunk at least once in your life, so it’s incredibly unloving to shame a person for having the curiosity to try drugs.

Humans have a hole in their heart, and some of us do not give up looking for the solution to this hole. Some of us turn to drugs, and it enlightens us a bit. I personally believe that mind exploration, with or without Drugs, is a necessary step for one to come to God.

I do not believe that drugs lead you to God, and in this regard, I do call them evil. But I honestly believe that alcohol and videogames and chocolate are far more evil than psychedelic drugs, because these worldly things are pure distractions from the deeper questions of life.

Psychedelic drugs force you to focus on these deep questions. They don’t exactly give you all the answers, but they certainly have lead at least a few people to coming to God. One of my best friends found God through psychedelic drugs and mediation, and so did I. But ultimately, when a person unites with God, they will irreversibly abandon drugs because God is far greater.

Because I have taken psychedelics, I am able to speak as a person who has experienced both Drugs and God separately, and I can confidently proclaim to those out there who are still currently in the psychedelic lifestyle, that I have found a much, much better drug.

When I was in the lifestyle, I used to talk to my friends about how cool it would be to ‘permanently trip’. Now I know what that is like, because I am on a permanent trip. This trip can be intensified by mere thought.

It has, and continues to provide me with more knowledge than I could have dreamed of having. This endless experience has no side effects, but it is highly addicting. When you taste it, you will constantly hunger for more, and you have an infinite supply of it. As your life progresses, the trip intensifies. By surrendering yourself to this ‘drug’, you will gain supernatural abilities of healing and you will gain the purest purpose in life; world restoration.

What is this ‘drug’ that makes you trip permanently? Well, it’s not a drug, it’s a Person. It is THE person. The ultimate, necessary, pure person that we exist within, and he exists within us. This person is God. Jesus is his name, and Love is what he is.

My Life Changing Journey


Raised in a Christian family, I always believed that there was more to life than what could be seen, but due to the nature of my religion, being able to enter this unknown reality was always deemed to happen after death, or happen to certain ‘chosen’ people of God.

As I grew up, I had an amazing father that taught me many intellectual defenses against atheism and gave me many theoretical & scientific reasons for believing in God and Christianity.

He educated me far more than my peers on the topics of science and philosophy. However, I had always been lacking in heart, and I never understood how to gain this ‘heart’ that I was missing.

Although I knew that Christianity was better than other religions, I also believed that what I had been taught was not the entire truth, because the miracles that happened multiple times a day in the lives of the apostles of Jesus were nowhere to be seen in my world of Christianity.

Jesus said we would do things greater than he, but I didn’t see this happening anywhere. The closest I got to God was hearing visions from my mother, who has a gift where she can see images God shows her. I had never in my life had a firsthand experience with God, and I desperately wanted one.

—Curiosity Years—

After leaving school, I moved out of my parents’ house to study at university. I was offered marijuana by a friend of mine, and I jumped at the opportunity to experience something taboo. In school I had been conditioned to avoid learning about drugs because I was told that they were demonic; but at this point in my life I didn’t care whether it was good or bad; I just wanted to find out for myself.

I knew it was safe physically, and I was very curious to what it actually did for me. After trying weed, I was instantly hooked. It opened up my mind to new possibilities, and made me realize my creative potential. To me, this was far more exciting and real than any of the stuff I had been taught by Religion. I actually felt like I had more access to God whilst high than when I was sober.

After Marijuana, I eventually tried Magic Mushrooms and LSD. They changed the state of my spirit to view the world in different perspectives, and this was the best way to engage in spiritual activity at that time in my life. I never abandoned my faith in God through any of these psychedelic experiences; I only applied what I had learned through psychedelics to better understand the nature of God from my perspective. 

Despite what many religious people think about drugs, I did not feel like I was being controlled by demons or that psychedelic drugs had harmed me in any way. In fact magic mushrooms was actually a medicine to me, as it cured a chemical brain imbalance of mine and got rid of this depression that had been over me for many years.

Due to my exploration of psychedelics, I believed I had become closer to experiencing God than the vast majority of people who call themselves Christians. And unfortunately, I still hold this to be true. But that doesn’t mean I believe I was close to God; just “closer”.

When you see the world on a higher level of consciousness, you cannot deny that the spiritual world is real. However, that did not mean I was in a proper relationship with God. I had a greater understanding of God, and I spoke to him often, mostly praising him for creating the amazing universe we live in, but I had not actually submitted my life to God. I did not obey my moral compass that was telling me I should not be careless with my health.

At the time, justified it to myself by believing that God would forgive me if I was wrong because I was exploring psychedelics in order to find out more about him. This was ultimately a half-truth, as Marijuana did not actually help me progress spiritually and I did it because I enjoyed it. LSD and Mushrooms were the real deal for me and I only did them with the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of God and reality itself.

The use of psychedelics was a part of my journey that was a necessary step in order for me to come to the truth. I do not condone it, nor am I saying that they are necessary to find God, but I do believe that I had to go through that stage of life in order to come out the other side, for the things that I have learned through psychedelics can now be used to teach those who do not understand the nature of God, the world and most of all, ourselves.

I spent almost 2 years of my life studying 3D Animation at university whilst smoking weed for fun and taking psychedelics for spiritual exploration. After finishing University, I had to move back with my parents because I did not have a job in the city.

—Path of Destruction—

The government cracked down on weed at that time of year, so the only available psychedelic was synthetic weed, and it is far worse than marijuana because it is highly addictive and its chemical structure is unknown.

After a couple weeks of living with my parents, searching for a job, I told my Dad about my use of drugs because I valued an open relationship with him.

Unfortunately both my parents responded in fear and condemnation. I felt very guilty and horrible because of it, and fell into a dark depression and became a prisoner of drug addiction.

When I didn’t get my hands on synthetic marijuana, I got drunk late at night when my parents were asleep. A spirit of condemnation was attacking me on a constant basis, and I lost the ability to speak openly with my parents. I didn’t have a life anymore. The only person in my family who I could talk to was my sister Rachel, and I can’t thank her enough because she was the one who held me together while I was mentally unstable.

I became very obsessed with drugs at this point in time, and would often drink a whole bottle of cough syrup in order to get high off of DXM. I was in a dark hole and I was crying out to God to help me, but I had no response. I had done this to myself, and I deserved it.

My parents were demanding me to find a job every day, and I was being constantly criticized by them from a place of fear. Every day, my entire pattern of thought was completely saturated in the dissapointment of my parents, and I kept trying to figure out a way to get out of depression.

I loved them, but I had extreme difficulty with them because they could not understand anything about me. I could not see their love for me, because my mind was so caught up in their expectations that I could not see the reasons behind them. Many lies about my parents were being fed to me by an unknown source, and I could not fight them. I eventually I had to talk with my mum and dad because I had a mental breakdown. I stopped trying to protect myself and I showed them my vulnerable side.

I poured my heart out and told them the truth: that I could no longer live to fulfil their expectations and I needed them to stop trying to control me and tell me what to do. After getting this all out in the open, I felt a huge relief and we all forgave eachother and hugged .

Literally the moment our relationship had been mended and my conversation with them was over, the phone rang and I was offered a job as a 3D Artist in Brisbane!

I had not had a job for six months, and I believe it to be more than coincidence that I was offered a job literally seconds after I fixed my relationship with my parents. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I left without first fixing our relationship.

—A New Season—

I moved to the City and lived with my Aunt and Uncle for 3 months whilst working for a small 3D art company. I still smoked synthetic weed during that time, but I was no longer depressed. I no longer drank as much alcohol and my life was looking better to me.

While hanging out with my friend at a nightclub, I met a girl. I felt a really strong connection that went beyond the physical. It was like I met my mirror image in female form. Within half a week we decided to date, and because of her, I finally found the motivation to quit smoking synthetic marijuana. I found a better drug: Love.

Within 2 weeks of meeting her, we moved in together. I would not have done this so fast, but her lease was expiring and she needed help finding a new place. I was also looking for a new place, and we were in love so it was hard to say no.

My girlfriend called herself a Christian, but did not go to church and didn’t have a strong relationship with God. We were very similar in that regard, but I soon discovered that she didnt have any desire to become closer to God. There were many occasions where she would become extremely aggressive & depressed for no reason whatsoever, and she told me that she would always fall asleep when trying to read the Bible. A few days after moving in together, I started praying for her because I felt something was wrong.

On the third night living together, I asked her if she was being oppressed by an evil spirit. The moment I asked her this question, a demonic spirit manifested itself in her. While on the Bed, my girlfriend’s eyes rolled back into her head. The room became very cold and she whispered “save me” before it completely took control. The spirit told me that it would never leave as it had been with her for 20 years. It told me that I had no power because I am not a child of God, and it told me that even if it were to be cast it out, it would come back with seven more spirits.

This experience immediately changed my entire worldview. I knew with 100% certainty that Christianity was real. Despite trying everything I knew of at the time, I could not get rid of the demon, but it stopped tormenting her after an hour. After this insane event happened, I planned to take her to some Christians who practiced praying for people in a public shopping center every Thursday.

My girlfriend did not remember anything from the attack, so I had to tell her what had happened. Over the next three days she was attacked multiple times per day. Sometimes she felt a heavy weight on her chest which stopped her from breathing; sometimes she felt a sharp pain on her neck, and other times it would make her upset for no reason and convince her that I did not love her. It played with her memories and caused havok in our relationship.

At one point in time she did not even know who I was and became very scared of me. Each time this happened, I prayed to God, and the attack stopped. However, there was one occasion where it attacked her and I was not around to pray. While I was at work, she said the demon forced her to walk out onto incoming traffic. At the last minute, she felt a hand pull her back onto the footpath just before a car going 80km per hour was about to hit her. However, there was no person standing near her who could have done this, so I believe God saved her that day.


On the way to meet the Christians at the shopping center, it attacked her again in the bus, causing pain on her neck. However, we got there in one piece and the Christians immediately started to pray for her. While they were praying I felt the gravity around us become lighter, and I felt electricity tingle through my body. The demon left her, so we immediately thanked the people who prayed for us, and planned for us both to start seeking God more earnestly.

God revealed to me in a dream that there was activity going on in her workplace that was allowing the demon to get access to her. After telling her she confirmed it was true. I then offered to support her financially until she found a new job. Although she was interested in God for a time, we never spent time worshiping him and did not join a Church despite having abundant free time, as she still did not want to go.

Eventually, like the demon had told me, it came back. This was approximately two months after it had left, because my girlfriend went straight back to the old way of living, creating the massive problem she had previousy – without telling me. I was ignorant of this for a time, but eventually I found out what she was doing and when I did, I also knew why our relationship had been struggling. The demon wanted to hide from me, so it only attacked her by making her unusually upset at me for wanting to help her get closer to God. She would feel heavy condemnation from me whenever I would talk about her issues and how to overcome them. She couldn’t stand talking about God and she did not know why. She did not want to go to Church even after discovering that the demon was back.

At this time of my life, I was not sleeping. The most I slept was about 3 hours per night. I could not help my girlfriend and I was extremely stressed, because the person I loved most was spiritually dead and did not want to live. I knew the only way to save her was for me to put all my efforts into truly finding God, so I meditated every day on God for an hour or longer. I tried emptying my mind for the first few weeka but i had no progress in finding God that way. But i remembered that the Bible said “God is Love” so i started meditating on love. Within the first 10 minutes of doing this I had an encounter with God; so i started doing it way more often. Many times I meditated in the bath without the lights on and played the sound of rain on my speakers. After a few months I eventually started having images placed in my mind in response to the questions i was asking God. God told showed me that our relationship was about to break. I saw two ships sailing together and one of them veered off course and smashed into some rocks. I asked God what would happen to us, and I immediately saw a large skull. I feared for Bonnie’s life at that point, and I knew that God wanted me to abandon her but I didn’t know her fate if I were to do this. So the next day I called my Mum. I asked her to pray for me, but I did not tell her what to pray for, because I did not want her to be emotionally involved. She saw the exactly same vision that I saw, along with many other visions that confirmed my suspicion that God wanted me to break up with her. I was heartbroken; more than I had ever been. Bonnie was my first girlfriend, and I had promised her numerous times that I would marry her. Ever since we met, we had this connection that I could not explain, and now this connection was about to break.

That night, I told her what God had told me, and I broke up with her. At first she thought I wasn’t serious, but as soon as it sunk in, she erupted in grief. My girl cried more intensely than I have seen anyone cry. It was the most painful experience of my life doing this, but I could not back out because I knew God was right. Our relationship was going nowhere. She would not submit to God, and was causing me more stress than I could handle. That night the demon took control of her again, and she tried to jump out of the window of our four story apartment. I called the police while physically blocking her from the window, and they ended up taking her away in an ambulance.

I didn’t sleep that night, but I felt an unusual sense of comfort from God, and I trusted him that this was the right thing to do, despite all odds.

The next morning, she returned at 7am. She was very loopy, and believed that we were still together. I had to explain to her that I could not live for her anymore, and the only chance of us being together ever again was to go to a Church and get another vision from someone strong in faith. She agreed, but only because she loved me more than life itself. If I had not given her this chance, I have no doubt that she would have killed herself.


Her suicide attempt happened Thursday night, so we went to church Friday night. We ended up attending Glory City Church, in Brisbane City, Australia. As soon as I entered the building, I could feel energy pulsating within the large room. The demons left immediately, and we started worshiping God. I had my first direct experience with God after going through what the church called a “fire tunnel”. This is when all the pastors (this church had about 10) line up and pray for every person that walks between them. The moment I walked through them and had prayer, my body dropped to the floor, and I felt the full presence of God descend upon me.

I finally knew exactly who God was ,and it was excruciatingly painful to bear. I wanted to die because I realized how disgusting I was in comparison to him, and I started crying and screaming uncontrollably. I felt like a maggot in the presence of perfection, so I did the only thing I could; I gave god my life. A wave of Love hit me like a nuclear bomb. All the emotional splinters I had been carrying in my subconscious were ripped out. All the stress, guilt, suffering, unworthiness,  of my whole life was stripped away by a love so intense it burned.

My crying instantly turned into uncontrollable laughter. All it took was 20 seconds before the most painful experience of my life turned into the most blissful experience I had ever had (up to this point in my life). None of this experience was external or physical. The only way I can explain it is by poetry, because words cannot describe the experience. This was a spiritual evolution equivalent to being reborn. My entire concept of life itself was being re-written. I no longer had a concept of time. All I could feel was the presence of my dad. I am literally crying right now as I write this because my dad is …

That is all I can write for now.

Words aren’t good enough for him.

The Love I felt that night hasn’t stopped. For two years I have felt more love than every other person in my life put together. I Love God more than life itself.

We both submitted everything to God that night, because we had nothing else to live for anymore. Previously, we had both been living for each other, and God was not the main priority of our lives. But in breaking up, God took away our number one reason for living (eachother), and we chose him to replace this reason. I am the only person who can understand what happened to me that night, because it cannot be put into words. But I can say that I experienced God’s presence so intensely that all the stress, fear, sadness, guilt and shame was completely obliterated. Experiencing God was more intense than all the Weed, Mushrooms, LSD, DXM, and synthetic weed I have ever had, COMBINED. Poetry can be used to describe the experience, but only those who have experienced God can decipher the words I use in poetry.

God knocks on the door and waits. The door is your heart, and the key is your life.

God’s taste is more addicting than anything, and we have an unlimited supply of him.

God is infinitely gentle yet more traumatising than anything on this earth.

God is an invincible fortress that cannot be touched from the outside.

God’s touch is not physical, but it manifests in you, physically.

God is living water that never stops flowing.

God is a tree that grows in the heart.

God is the ultimate person.

God is Love itself.

My first experience with God completed me. My whole life I had been searching for God, and I finally realised that he had been here the whole time, just waiting for me to give my life to him. God is never satisfied with our heart. We can love him, but he wants our life, not just our heart. We can love God, but still value things in this world more than him. God wants us to love him more than we love anything in this life, and when we do this, he comes to us.

The point is, God is the fulfilment of life. God ‘is’ life. God is everything you ever could want and more. God is a person, and his love is his essence. God is Love. God is like a fire that burns so intensely that it hurts, so he only burns you a little bit so he doesn’t hurt you by his love. Gods love is so great that he cannot be with people that do not love them, because if he did that, they would die. It may be impossible to understand unless you have had this experience for yourself, but God’s love is not like human love. God’s love is God, because God is love, and this love is infinite, because God is infinite.

Since that night, I have been going to church as much as possible. Church is on during Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. And every week I experience God far more intensely than the previous week. Ever since the night I was reborn, I have been starving for more. And I get as much as I want, whenever I want, and I am continuously hungry but also continuously being fed. It is a never ending cycle of love.

After two months of attending Glory City Church, my faith was high enough that I decided to ask that my back be healed. I had constant back pain every day because my spine was not straight. I had what you might call “turtle neck syndrome”. My neck stuck out unusually far because I used a computer for 8 hours a day or longer. The night I decided to ask God for healing, a woman from the worship team, Ebony, prayed for me and my back became completely straight. This was the first time I had been healed by God. Afterwards, I went to a nightclub whilst high on God’s love and shared the Gospel. I ended up praying for a man who had just broken up with his Girlfriend after two years of living together, and Christ took away all his pain.

Through my life, I know that God has let me go through this pain and this discovery in order to give me the resources to teach not just those who seek God, but to those who think they have found God but have tricked themselves into believing that Religion is God. Religion is not God. God cannot be defined, he can only be experienced. And people who believe in Jesus but are not experiencing him have not even come close to finding him. Jesus talks about people like this, describing them as ‘luke warm’. You should never believe something because another person told you to. Whatever you learn from God, you should learn from God himself. And if you would like to find God, I’m here to teach you, because I know how hard it can be with all the misinformation in this world.

The trick is to disregard what you think you know, and to examine life itself as if you know nothing. All the religious things you were taught – forget it. Just seek God from within. Meditate daily on God. The key to unlocking the door that is your heart is to change the priorities of the things you love most in life and make God number one. For all people, this requires sacrificing the thing you love most, so it is very difficult to do. Finding God is not an easy path, but the reward is infinite.

God is love, so mediate on Love. Don’t try to examine or define God through your physical surroundings. God will most likely not touch you physically; he will do it from within your consciousness, and this will manifest in your body in a physical way (the feeling of electricity, a warmth in the heart, etc). Many people who claim to have searched for God end up not finding anything; because not once did they stop and meditate on God, and they expected God to prove himself to them by coming to them externally.

God only wants to be in a relationship with people who would do anything for him. God wants complete submission. That means you must love god more than you love your wife or husband or children. You must love God more than you love anything. Do literally everything you can to submit to God, and he will come to you. When that moment happens, you will know, because you will fully realise that the most powerful being in all existence is as close to you as anything or anyone could be; and that realisation will force your face flat to the ground in mourning and repentance.

It might be difficult to understand, but think of it like experiencing love on steroids. At first it will be too much for you to handle, but this is a good thing. It will hurt when you realise how much you have been ignoring this blatant fact staring you in the face. God is like a fire. If you aren’t burning in love for him, his love will hurt you, but it will heat you up to a point where it will no longer hurt, but feel good. When that happens, you will continually want more of him because he will now be the source of your happiness in life. And he is an infinite source.

Another thing to mention is, when I took psychedelic drugs my consciousness was expanded. If you are unfamiliar with consciousness expansion, think of it as if I was increasing the resolution of my awareness of being alive. After giving my life to God, my consciousness has been permanently increased to a level that most of my drug-exploring friends would consider to be tripping. I see fractals in nature everywhere. And when I spend time worshiping God, I see Fractals that are not seeable to the human eye. God speaks to me through these fractal by writing words in them. It is an experience similar to LSD, but I am sobre during the experience.

The only times I feel unhappy these days is when I forget my identity in Christ, and that rarely ever happens. Knowing your identity as the son or daughter of God is paramount to continuously experiencing him. And the only way you can prevent yourself from forgetting this identity is by meditation on his love. The more we meditate on God, the more like Christ we become. When I meditate on him very often, my life starts changing rapidly and I start praying for people I don’t even know; getting visions of their problems and then finding these people I do not know on the street and healing them.

From an ignorant child to a psychedelic hippie, to a depressed drug addict, to a stressed-out boyfriend to the son of God; the journey of my identity over the past three years has felt like 30 years. I currently have no plans for my future other than following God, and I am sure he has a lot more planned for me than I could ever dream of.

Anyway, I appreciate it if you took the time to read my story. If you’d like to talk about it, ask questions or post your own story, feel free to do in the comments below.