Hey I’m Justin, and I love you!

But seriously, before you start thinking I’m a nutbob, just listen to what I have to say. I was raised in a Christian family, under a Christian school, but religion was not doing it for me. After leaving school, I have spent 3 years of my life searching for the truth. Every day I have contemplated topics like consciousness, God, free will, fractal nature, and the meaning of life. For two of these years, I used psychedelic drugs to aid my search, and this opened me up to the understanding that there was far more to life and consciousness than I ever realised prior; However, this greater understanding still did not give me an answer as to why I existed. Phychidelic’s allowed me to see the world as If I had just been born, so I was able to analyse it in a fresh perspective, but it left me with more questions than I started.

I always knew there was a God, but I never was able to know him on an experiential level, only on a theoretical level. God was always this strange unknowable person/thing that I wanted to know, but never knew how. In my third year of searching, whilst I was meditating, I received visions from God asking me to leave my girlfriend, who I intended to marry. I confirmed these visions with my mother who had similar visions, and found myself giving up the thing I valued most in my life. With complete submission, and nothing left to lose, this infinite person came in direct contact with me. It was more intense than all of the psychedelic plants I have ever used, combined. The experience was more real than life itself, and was experientially traumatising. My body was left on the floor, and my consciousness was taken into the centre of an infinitely loving, infinitely intelligent, infinitely powerful person. My ego was stripped away, and I found myself in complete and utter embarrassment and felt more ashamed and disgusted with whom I am than ever before. But after about 20 seconds of this experience, the God took away this darkness from my consciousness and overwhelmed it with more love. All I could find myself doing at the time was loving God with my entire being. The moment was pure ecstasy, and time itself had no meaning during the experience.

God is love, God is light, God is all consciousness, God is all energy, God is all intelligence, God is infinitely personal, and God is truth itself.

Please be aware that these words I use to describe God will not give an adequate description of my understanding of the nature of God. It is like describing color to a colorblind person. It will never give you an idea as to what it is like, because the experience of God is multidimensional. But one word I can use to describe God is love. God is Love, and Love is a person. This person is God. And the love we feel for eachother is a finite representation of this infinite God.

And he loves you so much that if you could comprehend his love you would instantly die. I know this because every time I have worshiped God for more than an hour, I find myself flat on the floor again, struggling to breath whilst going through an even more intense experience with God.

After coming into relationship with God, my main goal in life is to find ways of conveying the truth that is God to people who do not know God.

Now, if you are skeptical at this point, that is completely rational and I would expect you to be, but the one thing that skeptics can’t really explain is the trail of evidence I see myself leaving behind. Continuously, God has shown me the faces and injuries of people I have never met. I end up meeting these people and they are healed when I place my hands on them and pray.

Currently I have no videos of this, but a Good friend of mine has created a youtube series documenting miracles called Normal Christian Life.

Personally, I have healed people with bone deformations, sprained ankles, faulty tendons, painful backs, injured limbs, etc… Many miracles have been happening in my life now that I have found God, and my plan is to document them on this blog, along with all the lessons I have learned through my journey in order to help you get closer to God.

I hope and pray that the knowledge and evidence I share throughout this website will help you understand and experience God the same way I do, for my life has been completed by this wondrously infinite person.

Before I found God, I took many drugs, and I never ended up quitting drugs. I only found a greater drug, and this drug is a person. This person gets me high just being near me, and his name is Jesus.

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