My Experience of Heaven

Last night while I was at church something strange happened to me. I cannot describe what it was, but it was like taking the next step towards God. A burden had been lifted from me, and my heart feels freer than ever. After church, when I went home to by bed, I had trouble sleeping, so I chose to meditate on God. After getting deep into meditation, I entered into a lucid dream. A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware of the fact that you dreaming and can control the dream. This has happened numerous times in the past, and although it is uncommon, I have grown used to them occurring. However, this time was very different, for it was the first time that I actually had the self control and desire to chase after God within the lucid state, instead of chasing after the typical selfish desires that humans naturally turn to when gifted with Lucid Dreaming. I sat down within that dream, and meditated within my own meditation. When this happened, something more than a mere dream occurred to me. I was taken through to another realm; another state of existence. I can only describe the place I was taken to as what most people call heaven.

I have written this blog to record my experience, and although words cannot express the experience itself, it will help remind me of it.

Music was playing. It was the ultimate song. Infinite information of what the song sounds like was conveyed without time. Beautiful. A perfect representation of God. Unable to be heard with human ears, I cannot begin to describe what it sounded like because technically I would not even label it as sound. It was non visual, non verbal untouchable artwork of God. It was not digital, it was a frequency that did not have waves. It simply ‘was’.


Throughout the experience, I could feel an indescribable sensation of warmth and love from the centre of my being that overwhelmed me. It was Love, Peace, SouI, God.


had no body, and was able to fly to places with mere thought. Although I had this ability, I did not use it because I was honestly awestruck at what I was witnessing.


Everything was made from infinite fractals, but they were different from earthly fractals. On earth, we can only see what our extremely limited eyes and brains can process. We need microscopes to see the deeper information of the fractals in our world. In the dream the infinite information contained in the fractals was observable because I had no eyes. I was a purely mental being. Everything was infinite and perfect.

Nothing was moving in a sense, because like the music, all the information of how it moved was already streamlined into me. I was beyond time, so there was nothing to be ‘animated’ because all the ‘animation’ data of everything was already present in a singular moment.

The actual description of what I saw was a river, coming from mountains in the distance. The water was running, but not in time. It had already ran, it was running and it would always run. All the ‘information’ of how it ran was there, but beyond time, similar to the music. The river was life itself.

There were fields of some plant, that had a stalk like wheat, but the bud was large like a fruit, and looked like a rose. The entire landscape was full of this plant. And it was made perfectly from infinite fractals. I knew that the plant was eatable, but I did not have time to try It. I was only there for 30 seconds before I woke up.

I saw some houses in the distance, and they looked very humble but quite large. I cannot really remember any specific details about what they looked like as they were far away.

The sun was glory, and never went down. It was always there and would always be there. I know this because like I described earlier, all the information of what things behave like was present; outside of time. It was radiant like nothing on earth or space and it had the warmth of love within it. Everything radiated pure love.

When I woke up, I was crying. What I had experienced was more real than this reality, and I desperately want to go back. I am envious of my future self, as I know this relationship, this place, is what I was created for.

Anyway, I must stress that the objects and descriptions of what I have written will not give you the slightest idea of what heaven is like, because it is not the objects themselves that made this place heaven. It was the level of consciousness; the mental state of the ‘place’. I honestly would not even call it a place, because it is not a physical world. But for lack of a better word I must call it a place. This ‘place’ was made of pure consciousness, similar to a dream, but infinite in every regard. It is the dream of God. The heart of his being and the purest place where his essence dwells.

I did not meet a physical image of God, because I did not need to. God was inside me. His love radiated my entire spirit, and no words needed to be said. The experience itself was enough for me. And it has changed me in a way that has brought me to tears right now as I right this.

He loves you so much. he loves me so much, and I will never understand the human nature of why I have judged myself in the past. We are infinite beings destined for an infinite world; and the only requirement to attain this world is give your heart and life to our beautiful and perfect creator.

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